Twenty Years of Service - Many Minds, One Vision




“As the Director of Human Resources for Eyefinity I had the pleasure to personally interview every hire during my tenure with Eyefinity (6/2000-9/2013). In June of 2000, Eyefinity was a start-up technology company, competing for local talent. Competition was tough and software engineers were being offered jobs before their resumes even hit the street. As a start-up we focused on a culture of innovation, cool technology and a fun place to work. I remember interviewing just about every person that came through our doors and there was always one question candidates used to ask me during their interview, which was “what did I like about working for Eyefinity?” My answer was the same each time and it still holds true today - “I love the people!” We had fun, laughed a lot, but worked hard. Eyefinity is truly a unique company with special people! Happy 20th my friends!"

Suzanne Brehm

"What I remember most about Eyefinity is those river rafting trips, and of course the notorious rope swing… which stopped when somebody fudged the release and broke their arm. Then there was the run around the table ping pong games… which stopped when somebody crashed through the drywall. We pushed ourselves to the edge both at work and at play, nobody can question our commitment to the whole “we work hard and play hard” theme of those startup times!

Ah, those were the days….  we were completely insane…  it was better than Apple, and I should know because I was there too."

Karl Dinwiddie

"I was hired in 2002 in the role of Executive Admin for the HR VP. I had the pleasure of knowing everyone in the company. The team spirit and culture are a very important part of Eyefinity. Here are a few of my favorite memories.

  • We had an Employee Appreciation Day and Steve Baker dressed up in costume and walked around the office pushing a cart serving coffee, pastries and fruit. It was quite hilarious!
  • While in Folsom, I would send an email letting the team know to watch out for rattle snakes, they liked to hide underneath cars.
  • The annual rafting trip has always been a company favorite, and still is.
  • The Chili Cook Off is always very creative. One year the team that won bought their chili from Wendy’s!
  • We held an employee Talent Show and someone juggled real machetes. I’m pretty sure he won 😊.

I guess what I’m saying is that I truly love working at Eyefinity and feel proud to be able to have spent the last 18 years here."

Marilyn Lewotsky



"I can still remember my first day like it was yesterday. I remember meeting my new team, getting my photo taken by Marilyn (for eyeland) and getting a tour of Eyefinity. I remember feeling nervous and wondering if I will fit in with my team and questioning whether I made the right decision to leave a comfortable position for a new position where I knew very little about the industry.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the industry, met and built relationships with some incredible people, and enjoyed getting to know our customers and business partners.

As Eyefinity celebrates its 20th anniversary and I reflect back on my time, I’m reminded that I made the right decision 13 years ago and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great team."

Mai Yang

"It was 1983 and the personal computer had just been announced as Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1982! I was selling contact lenses to Optometrists and clearly saw the future need for a computer in eyecare practices. The vision of a computerize database of patients, eliminating handwriting recall cards, using pegboard systems and direct marketing to patients was so clear to me.  This new “PC” would change Optometric practices!

So, OfficeMate was launched in 1984, the first Optometric software system running on an IBM PC! It was revolutionary with two 5 ¼” floppy disk drives and a 20-megabyte hardware with a tape backup system! Revolutionary to say the least and convincing Optometrists they needed a computer to run their practices in the future, it was a huge challenge and leap of faith!

Turn the calendar forward 37 years and now imagine life and business without computers, iPhones, iPads, the worldwide web, Facebook and Instagram! I am very proud to be one of the early pioneers bringing technology to the Optometry profession. It’s so rewarding, even today, to see OfficeMate today as one of the leading Eyefinity eyecare software solutions."

Ed Buffington

"The intensity of the early years was everything you would expect in a pressure-packed startup. Long hours, intense debate over product design and direction, selling a vision to doctors without much in the way of built functionality. Intense times, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The relationships with customers and Eyefinitians alike are irreplaceable. And the passion we had for customers was unmatched in the industry. We truly cared, and doctors knew it. Our team would do whatever it took to help a customer. Your job description just didn’t matter when it came to helping a customer solve a problem. We were just this crazy little team sitting out in a building in Folsom, but we were quietly changing the industry. We brought it forward into the internet age. Without question, if it weren’t for the financial and professional backing of VSP to drive a venture like Eyefinity, internet business services would have taken many more years to hit the adoption levels we now enjoy. And that was just the start of what has become the leading service provider for optometry.

At the end of the day, the one thing that stands the test of time are the friendships that you make. Companies and businesses come and go, ebb and flow. But friends last forever, and I’m proud to call so many of you my Eyefinitian friends."

Steve Baker


"One of my favorite memories was the Eyefinity Talent show. All departments got together and had a great time, some funny and some very personal but all in all these were sides of ourselves that we got to have fun sharing with each other.

Some of the skits had us laughing hard and others scratching our heads. There was music and singing, we had some poetry and reading of an act from a play, we also had someone that was going to juggle knives, but I missed that.

It was a great time allowing folks to bring something personal and share with the people you work with, it was a wonderful team bonding experience.

Even though things change, we are all part of Eyefinity and will continue to make memories as we grow. One of the best things about Eyefinity has stayed true over the years, is us, the Eyefinicians."

Jim Devereaux


"One of the more powerful lessons that I’ve learned is the truth that 'There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.' Our early success came about because we began as a group of creative, inquisitive, self-motivated people who enthusiastically took initiative and worked hard for the common good. This character-first focus was highlighted in a quarterly, peer-nominated Eyefinity Spirit Award that was presented to the employee who best demonstrated leadership, initiative, contribution, and commitment to Eyefinity’s success. We succeed when we are not task-orientated, but solution-oriented -- not just in helping providers to deliver the best eyecare to patients, but also in contributing to the success of one another. The common thread in all of this is service with humility. For all these reasons and more, working at Eyefinity for over twenty years has been greatly rewarding." 

Michael Jackowitz

"Having worked at Eyefinity for 20 years, I am able to visit memory lane fairly easily. I sometimes find code or documentation for projects that I worked on, and I can recall the people involved, the challenges and celebrations, and the lessons I learned from the experience. One recurring theme is that we have been blessed with forward looking leaders and employees who think and act like owners. Although the project work has been fun and challenging, it is the people who have made the previous 20 years the enjoyable privilege it has been. Our source code control is a little like a souvenir trove for me. A little like a museum of cherished artifacts, because I can view history and recall the teamwork that went into delivering each new piece of business capability. I am very proud to have my name included in the list of Eyefinity git contributors!"

Ethan Eldridge