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Is Your Practice Data Protected?

The Most Secure Optometric EHR and Practice Management Software Available


Eyefinity's cloud-based software provides an exceptional level of protection, recovery, and accessibility when it comes to practice data. We understand how important data security is, which is why we take all the necessary steps to ensure you have exclusive access to your practice and patient information at all times.  




Why does data security matter for optometry practices?

Without the proper protections, you could lose your data unexpectedly from a server crash or other uncontrollable disasters like a break-in, fire, or a massive storm. There is also the possibility of hackers gaining access to your practice and patient data through a cyber-attack or phishing scheme. 

To safeguard your data from these unpredictable events, you may need to hire outside IT help, or when looking for a practice management and EHR solution, you need to make sure the software provider is taking all the necessary precautions to protect your data. That is why Eyefinity® utilizes Amazon Web Services—the most secure and HIPAA-compliant cloud computing platform available—to create a secure environment for Eyefinity’s cloud-based software.  

You can rest assured that any information processed through Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR will always stay secure and compliant. Learn more about the benefits of the cloud here >>>  


How does Eyefinity protect your practice data?

VSP® and Eyefinity take data security very seriously and maintain high standards to avoid risk. All of our employees are required to take extensive training courses every year to ensure we are consistently protecting confidential and personal health information. Other actions we take to protect you are: 

  • Steadily leveraging Amazon Web Services to maintain multiple copies of data across different locations and geographic regions to ensure you can securely access your data anywhere, anytime.  

  • Diligently managing our systems so that all security patches are covered, and we can greatly reduce the potential for a breach. 

  • Consistently updating and maintaining anti-virus software on Eyefinity EHR and Eyefinity Practice Management.  

  • Carefully configuring our company servers to always be secure with no outside email or browser activity allowed that could expose any data to potential risks.   

  • Regularly testing our sophisticated data backup and recovery process, so if you ever need to recover from a disaster, you can do so as quickly as possible. 


What you can do to protect your optometry practice:

  • Disable or delete accounts when any staff member leaves your practice. 
  • Review the security settings for staff, so they have the permissions they need for their duties, but no more. 
  • Keep your passwords protected and change them frequently. 
  • Update your anti-virus software on all your computers on a regular basis. 
  • Don’t click on unsolicited web links in emails, social media, or other online messaging apps. 
  • Consider restricting websites your office staff can access on your practice computers to ensure they do not click on anything that could make your practice vulnerable. 


What is a certified EHR and why does it matter for your optometry practice?

A certified EHR, like Eyefinity EHR assures providers that their optometric software is secure, can maintain data confidentially, and follows industry-established standards and HIPAA regulations.  

Providers who participate in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) incentive programs must also use a certified EHR to participate. The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) has recently approved and certified Eyefinity EHR through more










Eyefinity's cloud-based software is built to adapt to the way you practice, help you grow your business, stay in compliance, and increase revenue. 

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