Telehealth in Eyefinity EHR

With integrated telehealth capabilities in Eyefinity EHR, providers can offer virtual patient visits while practicing within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations and state guidelines, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.  
Launch video visits directly from Eyefinity EHRusing the iPad app or desktop application. Video chat capabilities provide a complete, all-in-one telehealth solution that is HIPAA compliant and patient friendly. Doctors using Eyefinity EHR can also efficiently document and code remote patient consultations, with auto-coding to help ensure accurate billing and claims management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Eyefinity EHR telehealth billing capabilities available today?
Yes. The ability to easily and properly document a telehealth exam is available to all existing Eyefinity EHR users in Eyefinity EHR as of Monday, March 30, 2020. This includes the addition of new treatment plans that allow for appropriate billing codes and modifiers to be set. You can also document time spent in a telehealth visit, which is critical to billing telehealth exams.
Do Eyefinity EHR telehealth capabilities also include video chat technology?

Yes. As of Friday, May 29, 2020, video chat capabilities are fully integrated with Eyefinity EHR to provide a complete, all-in-one telehealth solution that is patient friendly. In light of the impact COVID-19 has had on our industry and the economy, video chat capabilities will be offered at no additional cost through December 31, 2020.

I am not currently using Eyefinity EHR. Can I sign up for just the telehealth capabilities?
No. Our telehealth solution is seamlessly integrated into Eyefinity EHR for ease of use and efficiency. To gain access to the telehealth capabilities, you can sign up for Eyefinity EHR by contacting Sales at 800.269.3666, option 2.
Is there any set up required to enable telehealth capabilities in Eyefinity EHR?
No. You can efficiently conduct, document, and code remote patient consultations on the latest version of the iPad app and browser version of Eyefinity EHR.
Is there any set up required in my practice management software?
Yes. You may need to add new billing codes to your practice management system to align with new telehealth codes being added into Eyefinity EHR.  
Note: If you are billing VSP®, specific modifiers may be required, regardless of place of service (POS). VSP currently supports POS code 11 (office) or 02 (telehealth) for billing submitted through Eyefinity Practice Management, OfficeMate, 837, or paper claims (e.g., COB claims). If billing on eClaim, AcuityLogic, or through 2020Source, POS code 11 (office) is required, plus specific modifiers.
Will the Eyefinity EHR telehealth solution  have an additional charge?
No, not initially. Eyefinity EHR telehealth capabilities are available at no additional cost through December 31, 2020. In order to support doctors during the pandemic, all sign-up and utilization fees for the telehealth solutions will be waived. Fees for the use of Eyefinity EHR and our other products and services will continue to apply. Pricing beyond December 31, 2020 will be determined.
What telehealth exams can I treat for with Eyefinity EHR?
With Eyefinity EHR, you have the ability to efficiently document and code virtual patient visits and expand your scope of practice to provide remote care for consultations, supervision, and medication management.
Will there be different billing workflows for different insurance providers?
Yes, it is possible. While treatment plans are consistent across Eyefinity EHR, please note that insurance providers may have different billing requirements and policies for telehealth. We recommend that you refer to insurance-specific billing guidelines.
How will I be reimbursed by insurance carriers?
We recommend that you refer to insurance-specific billing guidelines.
How long will the temporary CMS requirements stay in place? 
We recommend you refer to your local health authority guidelines, the American Optometric Association guidelines, as well as current regulatory guidelines and notices. Helpful resources include:
Does Eyefinity have long-term plans to continue to offer telehealth capabilities?
Yes. The secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities in Eyefinity EHR will continue to be offered once the state of emergency has been lifted.
How can I inform patients about the new telehealth services?
We encourage you to leverage your customary marketing channels to inform patients of telehealth services.
If you have an eWebEXTRA website from Eyefinity and need assistance with website updates, contact Website Services Support at
Are there any best practices available that would help me maximize telehealth services to patients?
For additional guidance on maximizing telehealth services, you can refer to resources provided by the American Optometric Association (AOA) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
Who should I contact with additional questions about using the telehealth capabilities in Eyefinity EHR?
For questions about telehealth in Eyefinity EHR, you can contact the Eyefinity Customer Care team at