Features & Benefits

Insurance Handling

  • Real-time insurance benefits estimator
  • Fast, accurate, and automated claim processing
  • Significantly improves the accuracy of the data and calculates insurance transactions
  • Accept more insurance plans conveniently
  • Save up to 15 minutes per insurance transaction
  • Integrated POS system simplifies billing process and minimizes common errors
  • Add new insurance plans quickly and easily
  • Increases revenue, reduces costs, and improves efficiency
  • Easier to administer and use insurance plans

Dispensing and Selling to Your Patients

  • Rx data accuracy and clarity
  • Detailed POS pricing—patient transaction screen shows patients’ available funds and copays by coverage type
  • Easy to modify orders and recalculate pricing if patients want to change their order to maximize their benefits
  • Product look-up with ability to view price, inventory, and status for frames, contacts, and lenses
  • Ability to merge duplicate patient files

Customer Experience

  • Captures accurate data for sales order
  • Faster transaction handling for better patient satisfaction
  • Ability to capture patient photo
  • Sophisticated program that allows customized product and price packaging/bundling

Business Metrics and ROI

  • Improves exam coding for a higher reimbursement rate with ExamWRITER
  • Accurate account receivables allows better validation of reimbursements
  • Real-time access to operational and financial data
  • Real-time reporting for payroll and staffing needs

Running Your Business

  • Reduces claim rejections and exception processing
  • Reduces time to process patients
  • Reduces time to process insurance claims and reimbursement benefits
  • Checks for insurance eligibility and insurance check reconciliation
  • Access to AcuityLogic 24/7, anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • Actions are recorded in an audit log
  • Ability to track and update active orders
  • Notification of patient-specific task items for follow up

Risk Mitigation

  • Effortless and accurate insurance audits
  • POS and billing system tracks changes when protected patient information is modified