Under MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015), Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is a Medicare payment program focused on quality of care, rather than quantity of care. MIPS streamlines and combines meaningful use and PQRS.

The resources on this page provide an overview of MIPS requirements and describe step-by-step instructions for completing individual measures. For more MIPS information, visit the Eyefinity Support Community or the CMS Quality Payment Programs web site.

Getting Started

Find out if you're eligible, learn about reporting requirements, and find out how the different MIPS categories work together.


MIPS Overview


Advancing Care Information Overview


Quality Overview


Improvement Activities Overview

Documenting Advancing Care Information

Advancing care information (ACI) is worth 25% of your total MIPS score.

Your ACI score is divided into three categories: base (50%), performance (90%), and bonus (15%). While it's possible to achieve a 155% ACI score, scoring is capped at 100%. The required measures listed with an asterisk (*) below satisfy the base score of 50%. You must achieve the base score to receive any credit in the ACI category. Choose additional measures that fit best within your practice's workflow to earn performance and bonus points to meet or exceed the 100% ACI score.

Health Information Exchange*

Immunization Registry Reporting

Medication Reconciliation

Patient-Specific Education

Provide Patient Access*

Secure Messaging

Security Risk Analysis*

Specialized Registry Reporting

Syndromic Surveillance

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Documenting Quality Measures

Quality accounts for 60% of your MIPS score. To qualify for an incentive payment in 2017, you must report six Quality measures.


2017 Quality Scoring and Benchmarking


001 Diabetes-Hemoglobin A1c Poor Control


012 POAG-Optic Nerve Evaluation


014 AMD-Dilated Macular Exam


018 Diabetic Retinopathy-Documentation


019 Diabetic Retinopathy-Communication


117 Diabetes-Eye Exam


128 Preventive Care and Screening-BMI Screening


130 Documentation of Current Medications


140 AMD-Counseling on Antioxidant


141 POAG-Reduction of IOP


226 Preventive Care and Screening-Tobacco Use


236 Controlling High Blood Pressure


317 Preventive Care and Screening-High Blood Pressure


374 Closing the Referral Loop-Specialist Report

Documenting Clinical Practice Improvement Activities

The Improvement Activities category is worth 15% of your total MIPS score. In this new performance category for 2017, you’re rewarded for care focused on care coordination, beneficiary engagement, and patient safety.


2017 MIPS Improvement Activities

Getting Started with the AOA Registry

Although participating with registries is not required, Eyefinity is committed to ensuring our customers are prepared. Use AOA MORE to report your MIPS activities and qualify for bonus points in the ACI category.


Integrating with the AOA MORE Registry

Reporting to Local Health Information Exchanges (HIE)

Many local HIEs accept QRDA files. Some HIEs, however, require additional setup.


Submitting Syndromic Surveillance Data to the Kentucky HIE


Submitting Syndromic Surveillance Data to the Oklahoma HIE