Eyefinity® provides seamless interoperation with lab management software providers to assist our customers in streamlining the lab order process. Our interfaces provide shared functionality across different systems and platforms.

Contact labmanagement@eyefinity.com for information on any of the following lab management partners, or for information on how you can integrate your lab management software with Eyefinity's eLab solution.


CC Systems Lab Management Software Labzilla

CC Systems' Labzilla supports over 1,000 wholesale surfacing, finishing, and coating labs, integrated retailers, and optical wholesalers in over 70 countries around the world. CC Systems offers complete lab management integrated solutions with flexible and customizable management reports and automatic pricing and invoicing with built-in accounts receivables for statements, credits, package, and discount pricing options.

Digital Vision, Inc., VISION

Digital Vision, Inc. (DVI) is a software consulting company specializing in optical manufacturing systems, applications, and research. DVI's OLA Award of Excellence VISION software system includes RxWizard, an Internet component for eyecare providers and laboratories, as well as complete manufacturing, Rx processing, and extensive business management reporting. DVI's staff has broad experience in opticianry, computer software, and scientific and business applications. DVI's OLA Award-winning customer support backs ongoing product development, research, and customer training.

Optifacts, Inc., OPTIFACTS

Optifacts, Inc., an Essilor company, provides a comprehensive wholesale lab management solution for medium and large laboratories that encompasses all aspects of the wholesale production process. Optifacts is a state-of-the-art software package designed to assist in daily lab operations. Created by a lens manufacturer with years of experience in producing glass, plastic, and polycarbonate lenses, Optifacts helps you run your lab the way you want to, not the way the software dictates. Traditional order fulfillment is completely automated at the lab, including order capture, data entry, order status notifications, and order closing. Optifacts sends order status information back to Eyefinity, further automating communication channels and expediting invoice payment processing.

Optivision, Inc., OPTIVISION

Optivision, Inc., offers comprehensive, user-friendly, and affordable optical lab management software for surfacing, finishing, AR coating, remote tracing, and order entry for full-service wholesale and retail labs. Eyefinity integration adds to the list of calculated enhancements designed to save your lab time and money while increasing production and profit.

Optivision, Inc., Optivision Laboratory Management System

Optivision, Inc., is a software company that has offered a comprehensive ophthalmic laboratory management system since 1989. Eyefinity is integrated with Optivision Laboratory Management System, software that was designed in the ophthalmic laboratory environment by lab people for lab people. Fully menu-driven, it guides you through each section of the program with instructions written in ophthalmic laboratory terminology.


VisionStar has been in business for 30 years and is a leading supplier of wholesale and retail optical laboratory systems. VisionStar LMS is a dedicated optical manufacturing system. The application consists of modules for optical calculations, manufacturing control, machine/equipment interfaces, and information management. The VisionStar LMS modules are designed to improve quality, enhance productivity, and provide management control of all aspects of production in an optical laboratory.