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See how Eyefinity® EHR saves you time, increases claim accuracy, builds a more robust patient experience, and more. 

Here’s a sampling of the benefits you will receive: 

  • Cloud-based software built for eyecare 
    • Automatic software saves you time previously spent on maintenance, backups, and software updates 
    • Unlimited data storage that is secure, HIPAA-compliant, and available 24/7 
    • On-the-go access on any device with internet connection 
    • Avoid losing important data from on-site server crashes 
  • Smooth patient and practice experience 
    • iPad® app shifts focus from the computer and paperwork back to the patient 
    • Engage patients with various display and drawing capabilities with Image Management 
    • Use Grand Rounds to see what other doctors are prescribing in real time for better outcomes 
    • Eyefinity Kiosk simplifies patient check-in with electronic intake forms 
  • Chart faster, get paid faster 
    • Exam protocols lets you simplify exam entry by tailoring exams to your preferred plans and procedures 
    • Use historical exam information to quickly document a new exam with Copy Forward 
  • Smart technology 
    • Improve accuracy and reduce errors with built-in ICD-10 auto-coding 
    • Adaptive technology remembers your documentation habits for increased efficiency 
    • Robust EHR equipment integrations include automated pretesting, refraction and more 
    • Customized training for medical and operational members of your staff 

We understand that purchasing any new Electronic Health Record system is an investment. Schedule a call today to learn more and to see if Eyefinity EHR is the right choice for you. 



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