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Join our #DoctorKnowsBest webinar series to hear expert guest doctors give advice and answer crucial questions that doctors face on a daily basis. Webinars will cover a variety of relevant topics, including the latest features and best practices of EHRs, and how to grow your practice.

Recorded Webinars

#DoctorKnowsBest Webinar Series:

Topic: Real Talk: An OD's Perspective on EHR
Presenter: Duane Wires, OD

Topic: How to Grow Your Practice
Presenter: Eric M. White, OD

Topic: 5 Things Your EHR Should Do for You
Presenter: Michelle Cooper, OD

Topic: Love ‘em or Hate ‘em—EHRs are Here to Stay
Presenter: Robert Bass, OD


Discover the Difference Webinar Series: 

Topic: Glaucoma Exam
Learn how Eyefinity EHR can speed up glaucoma exams and streamline documentation.

Topic: Contact Lens
Learn how Eyefinity EHR can simplify your contact lens assessment.

Topic: Exam Protocols
Learn how customizable exams in Eyefinity EHR can help you speed through a patient visit and save valuable time on each exam.



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