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What is practice management software?

Practice management software is designed to help offices of any size run more efficiently by automating and streamlining the day-to-day administrative and billing functions. 

The most common capabilities of a practice management software are:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Insurance eligibilities and authorizations
  • Billing and claims processing
  • Reporting

Practice management software requires just an internet connection and a simple computer network.




Are there different types of practice managements?

Yes, practice management systems can be hosted by a desktop, a server, or on the cloud

  • Desktop - used on a single computer by no more than a few people who share access
  • Server-based - allows multiple users to share data and access to an onsite or third-party hosted server that the practice must purchase or lease
  • Cloud-based - allows multiple users access and stores unlimited patient data on a cloud storage, which eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a server



What's the differences between a practice management and an electronic health records (EHR) system?

Although both practice management and EHR software work to improve a practice’s productivity and efficiency, the two function very differently and focus on separate areas of a practice. Practice management software is aimed at administrative and office work, while EHR software is responsible for documenting a patient’s medical information.



So how does a practice management software benefit staff and patients?

A practice management software expedites tasks that could otherwise slow down day-to-day operations and increase productivity and reduce documentation errors. Other benefits like appointment scheduling takes the burden off front office staff, allowing patients to request appointments and fill out forms online before their visit. Integrated electronic patient reminders and patient recalls reduce the number of no-shows, and insurance eligibility verification and authorization ensure a patient is covered for a provider’s services.



Does Eyefinity offer practice management software?

Deeply rooted in optometry and backed by the strength and vision of VSP®, Eyefinity is the leading provider of practice management and electronic health record solutions.  Eyefinity's cloud-based optometric practice management software, Eyefinity Practice Management is developed to create a smooth digital patient experience for the practice.






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