3 Trends Practices Should Keep for the New Year


This year was filled with a wide range of peaks and valleys. And like many of those within the eye care industry, you were able to stay quick on your feet and incorporate tools and tactics that were not only unique and innovative to you but to your team as well.  Whether it’s powering through times of uncertainty or outlining steps to reach new heights, having the ability to adapt and reinvent your practice while moving forward is something worth celebrating.  

Let’s pause, catch our breath, and take a look at some of the practice management tech trends from this past year that you’ll want to carry over for a successful 2023. 

On-the-go Tech Never Gets Old 

No matter the hurdle, patients want their days to run as smoothly as possible (so do you!). And although the no-contact days of the pandemic have minimized dramatically, the benefits of going touchless remain. Eyefinity’s integrated cloud-based features, like online scheduling and automated electronic notifications, put patients in the driver's seat of their eyecare journey all from the comfort of…anywhere! Modern features like these not only benefit patients but also allow practices to create a seamless scheduling experience that minimizes wait times and daily phone calls for their staff.  

Data Security Stays in Style  

As much as we’d love to shout “that’s so last season” to scams and cyberattacks, online threats are only growing by the year—this year was no exception. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, data breaches were up 14 percent since 2021, and that was only in the first quarter (yikes!). Eyefinity’s cloud-based software protects your practice with a 24/7 cybersecurity-focused and future-ready solution. With human error being one of the primary causes for breaches, providers are recognizing the importance of not only securing their patient information but also the livelihood of their practice. It's the necessary suit of armor to protect you and your practice all year round, so strut into the new year because data protection will never go out of style.

Re-strategize for Staffing Shortages  

No matter how advanced technology becomes, nothing can replace the human touch. This past year, no one felt the effects of staffing shortages more than healthcare workers. With Ophthalmologists experiencing the third highest no-show rates in the medical field, many practices continue to operate with limited staff. Running your practice with too few employees becomes a burden, lengthening the workday and disrupting the valued doctor-patient experience. This new year, introduce a cloud-based solution to your workflow no matter the size of your team. Let automation be a second set of hands with Eyefinity’s cloud-based software. Streamline check-ins, appointment scheduling, and free employees from manual tasks that slow down the day, but that’s just the start! 

Taking the time to understand your staffing needs and combating staffing shortages from the inside out ensures that you and your team are always on the same page. Download our cheat sheet to employee engagement and see what new measures you can initiate for your team and yourself in 2023. (Psst, don’t forget to grab a survey 😉).  

Making it Look Easy isn’t Easy 

This year, practices had more to manage than ever before. From fighting cybercrime, boosting employee satisfaction, and working around inflation, you were expected to learn on the spot all while keeping a sharp eye on the future. Through it all, that’s exactly what you did because adapting is what you do best—that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  

You never know what obstacles will get in the way or when, so stay future-focused and grow as you go with a practice technology that adapts to you this New Year.  

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