Order Management in Eyefinity Practice Management

Optical Order Management

Inventory management and lab ordering made simple.

Improve the Way You Manage Optical Orders

We understand managing materials can be a headache–Eyefinity Practice Management’s optical order feature puts the ball back in your court to control supplies and lab orders. Alleviate frustrations by using barcode scanning to ship, receive, and track orders for an efficient inventory management process, guaranteed to help your practice run with ease.

Streamlined inventory management allows you to identify your practice’s product preferences. With information at your fingertips, you can make more informed, data-driven decisions to optimize your inventory.

Have the Freedom You Need to Create Orders from Anywhere
Enjoy increased mobility and more facetime with your patients by easily building optical orders on an iPad without double entry or screen-switching. You will be able to quickly identify patients’ VSP® insurance plans and provide on-the-spot cost estimates right before their eyes—reducing any billing confusion down the line.


Provide A Window Into Your Patient’s Plan

Patients gain increased visibility into their coverage as the order is being built, ensuring both patients and staff know what to expect.

Easy Electronic Ordering Transmission

Eliminate double data entry with the ABB Catalog integration and automatic eLab order transmission.

Integrated Patient Engagement Tools

Streamline patient communication with automated text messages, alerting patients when their orders are ready.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Access the integrated Frames Data catalog for easy viewing, ordering, and lab processing.

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Protect Your Practice Data 24/7

While trusting someone else can be unnerving, with Eyefinity you can always count on an exceptional level of protection, recovery, and accessibility when it comes to your practice data. We don’t take this lightly, which is why you remain the owner and are the only one with access to your data—it is never shared with anyone else.