Image Management in Eyefinity EHR on the iPad

Image Management

Save and review patient images in one centralized, iPad-friendly location.

A Gallery at Your Fingertips

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to connect and view your patient's diagnostic images in your EHR system? Our Image Management feature makes unwieldy integrations and lackluster image galleries a thing of the past.

A New Way to Engage

Image Management provides a centralized location to review and save patient images from most diagnostic equipment and is optimized for the iPad. With images at your fingertips—thanks to the built-in integration with Eyefinity EHR—you can spend less energy wrestling with technology and more time engaging patients in their care. With Image Management at your finger-tips, you’ll be removing obstacles and ensuring patients are informed and actively participating in their care.

More Than Just Pictures

Use the drawing tools within Image Management to annotate images as you help patients understand the details of their eye health.


More Access, Less Hassle

Automatically access photos, scans, and more inside Eyefinity EHR, reducing staff workload and eliminating the need to attach files to the patient’s chart manually.

Education Made Easy

Help your patients feel valued and informed about their eye health by making their scans easy to see and understand, thanks to our iPad-friendly interface, display options, and annotation capabilities.

One-stop Shop

Gain centralized access to patient reports and diagnostic images including fundus photography, anterior segment photography, corneal topography, and more.

Safe and Sound

Rest easy knowing your images are stored in the cloud where you can access them anytime, anywhere in a safe and secure manner.

So Many Choices to Choose From

Image Management for Eyefinity EHR integrates with over 35 leading diagnostic device brands. View all our equipment integrations here.

"Image Management freed me from the desktop and allows me to review all images with my patients on the iPad."

Duane Wires, OD

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