Electronic Remittance Advice screen on a desktop computer

Electronic Remittance Advice

Reduce payment posting time from days to hours with automatic claim reconciliation.

Become a Billing Boss

Processing claim reconciliations by hand can be time-consuming but with the help of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), you don’t have to shuffle through mail or wait for physical checks from the insurance carriers to arrive. ERA works with TriZetto Provider Solutions to automatically pull remittance into your Eyefinity Practice Management software. We’ve got you covered - no need to load it yourself!

No More Double Dipping Your Data

Let us automate the manual work so you can get ahead of your daily accounting tasks. Our automatic claim reconciliation feature takes the guess work out of EOBs, making it easier to view the reason and remark codes in a standard format.

Streamline your billing workflow, maximize revenue, and do away with duplicate data entry using Electronic Remittance Advice.

We’ll Have Your ERA Ready Before You Walk in the Door

Remittances are automatically downloaded into your system overnight, allowing your biller to start reconciling payments first thing in the morning. Each line billed is auto matched with VSP payment claims for your convenience.


Post Payments In Hours, Not Days

Reduce payment time from days to hours with automatic claim reconciliation saving your staff valuable time.

Adjust Payments With Ease

Ensure accuracy while easily making billing adjustments without leaving your software.

EOBs Simplified

Standard formatting makes reason and remark codes easy to follow.

Stay Accountable With Better Financial Tracking

Process bulk VSP claims in seconds, getting rid of tedious data entry.

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