Five Ways to Add Automation to Your Practice 


Automation is everywhere, from vacuum cleaners with strategic cleaning paths to personal banking and bill pay. Many of us leverage this technology in our personal lives because it’s helpful, saves us time and gives us one less thing to worry about.  

Now imagine a world where you could complete manual tasks at your business in just a few clicks, or, in some cases, automatically. Have you ever considered how long it takes to confirm appointments, file claims, and scan in paperwork on top of your other day-to-day tasks? We can’t imagine you’ve had the time, but we bet it takes up a large chunk of your day.  

Technology like Eyefinity’s cloud-based software can be one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox to help your practice run more efficiently and check every item off your list. Below are five processes that you can easily automate to streamline your workflow and manage operations with ease:  


1. Patient Communication 

Some practices have found unique ways to manage recalls, whether that be sending a post card, calling patients, or using an intricate spreadsheet/filing system. Though this may work for now, as your practice grows, it can become difficult to keep track of when patients are due for a reminder. Automating your annual recalls with a patient engagement tool like Eyefinity’s Electronic Patient Notifications saves you time and ensures no patient gets overlooked. 

With automated text and voice messages, you can also remind patients of upcoming appointments and let them know when their orders are ready to pick up. Because let’s face it, we’ve all been there and had to make that regrettable (tail between your legs) call to reschedule. 

2. Claims  

When you file claims electronically and leverage Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), you no longer have to process them one by one. Not only will you save yourself from duplicative work, lost time, and potential delays in payment, but you’ll also improve your accuracy and automate the reconciliation of claims and payments.  

3. Appointment Scheduling 

Skip the phone tag and empower patients to schedule their own appointments online. When you have integrated online appointment scheduling, you’re in control of your day. The scheduling features in Eyefinity Practice Management allow patients to book same-day appointments, so you never miss out on an opportunity to meet your patients' needs. The appointment is then instantly added to the scheduler in Eyefinity Practice Management; no action is required on your part (cool, we know!). 

4. Forms 

Don’t let paperwork get your patients down. By offering online forms, not only will you streamline your check-in process, but you’ll also stand out from the competition. Studies found that 51% of patients prefer a doctor who lets them fill out paperwork online before a visit.  

If your practice has an eWebExtra website, your patients can complete their patient information, insurance, reason for visit, and medical history forms online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The information is then available in Eyefinity Practice Management in real time, and an email confirmation is sent directly to your patient without your staff having to lift a finger!  

5. Exam Documentation & Coding 

Automation isn’t just for the front office; you can leverage it in the exam room too. An electronic health records solution not only helps you record the history of present illness, review of systems, procedures, and diagnoses, but it also speeds up documentation and improves accuracy.  

Eyefinity EHR leverages adaptive technology which means that the software will remember the way you document an exam. Taking this a step further, you can set up exam protocols that are pre-populated with your preferred procedures for consistent documentation. 

An EHR will save you time and help simplify the coding process by suggesting billing codes supported by your clinical documentation, while giving you the ability to review the coding every step of the way.  

Wrapping it all up

Whether it be automating communication with patients or reducing double data entry, adding technology that can help  lessen the number of manual tasks you do each day will enable you and your staff to focus more on patients. 

Discover more ways Eyefinity’s cloud-based software can help you add automation to your workflow.