Behind the Scenes of The VSP Integration: The Secret Sauce to Seamless Patient Care


At Eyefinity®, we offer providers like you the ease and accuracy you strive for. As the only optometric software in the eye care industry with a direct connection to VSP®, you can leverage our exclusive VSP integration to increase practice productivity. Whether you want to attract new patients or ensure efficiency at checkout, our software bridges the gap for seamless practice management. When automating your workflow with an all-in-one solution, you can guide patients through their eye care journey and support them where they need it most. We’ll handle the rest! Check out some of the key ways the VSP Integration works behind the scenes of your practice so you can stay front and center with your patients.  


Book Smarter, Not Harder 
The moment you open the doors to your practice is an opportunity to attract new patients.  Making yourself available and accessible online is key to reaching a new audience. Widen your net and capture more patients with the ability to connect your online scheduler to your profile on the VSP Find a Doctor Directory. Here, VSP patients can search for providers that offer the services they need most. So, when they step into your office you can rest assured that you’re the best suited to address their needs.

Keep It Simple from the Start 
Once they’ve booked an appointment, your team can start prepping for your patient’s upcoming visit—no more scrambling to verify insurance the day of. Get ahead of appointments by verifying VSP insurance with Bulk Eligibilities and Authorizations as early as one week in advance. Eyefinity Practice Management’s straightforward, one-click bulk verification will help you tighten the reins on your practice workflow for smooth sailing before your patient even walks through the door.  

Say Goodbye to Billing Barriers 
Now more than ever, patients are keeping a closer eye on their spending. And while many practices have learned to navigate and manage the complexity of insurance billing, how nice would it be to effectively eliminate those hurdles all together?  Eyefinity EHR automatically sends charges to Eyefinity Practice Management so you can increase billing accuracy and reduce double entry with every order. That way, your team stays in control, and your patients are confident they’re maximizing their coverage.  

But when insurance doesn’t cover everything, what can patients expect? Out-of-pocket costs are a primary concern for many when selecting eyewear. Whether it’s an up-front co-pay before their exams or additional fees and add-ons to their eyewear order, patients are often surprised by payments they weren’t ready for.  Eyefinity’s cloud-based software allows you to keep patients informed from start to finish with transparent cost estimations using the VSP out-of-pocket calculator. Transparency is the foundation of any trusting provider-patient relationship. Maintain that trust with the ability to have honest conversations with your patients before their purchase.  

Pull Back the Curtain on Claims  
Although your patient visit is over, your staff still may have a few more items to check off their to-do list. Help your team close shop by automating those processing tasks. Finalize eyewear orders and automatically submit them to a VSP approved lab to get your patients one step closer to their perfect pair. Not only does this clear one more item off your staff’s plate, but also provides seamless order management experience after every visit.  

If juggling multiple orders wasn’t enough work, we can imagine tediously toggling between screens is the last thing you need. Eyefinity’s cloud-based software streamlines your workflow when you send claims electronically without leaving the software, so not only is your patient data secure in one location, but you also free your staff to focus on wrapping up patient orders and providing the best experience possible as they walk out.  

End the Day with Faster Pay 
As we know, no order is completed until your practice is paid. Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) auto-reconciles VSP claims instantly to ensure your practice is paid every time, on time.  The VSP integration ensures that remittances are automatically downloaded into the system overnight and flags any issues that need to be addressed. You have now cut your payment process down from days to hours. Sounds like a win-win if you ask us.  

Now that you’ve read up on the secret sauce to seamless patient care, it’s really no secret at all! With Eyefinity’s cloud-based software and the VSP Integration you can simplify the patient journey and streamline your practice’s workflow with ease, so you can focus on the personalized care your patients need.     

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