Simplify Security: Seek Out Certifications


This article is one installment of a three-part series centered on cybersecurity in optometric software and beyond. For part one, click here

In the last article, we gave examples of what you can do to protect your data from cybercriminals. But you can't do it all, especially while you’re busy running a whole practice. So how do you ensure your information stays safe while you're handling day-to-day tasks? By trusting in optometric software that does the heavy lifting—and proves that this work is done correctly through rigorous security certifications. 

This can look different for every company. At Eyefinity, we’ve achieved EHNAC and SOC 2 certifications, and we’re committed to earning them in the future.  

Pursuing Prestigious Data Protection  

Health records are nothing to mess around with, especially in a digital environment where they could (in theory!) become accessible to anyone. To prove our dedication to reducing this risk, we’ve earned accreditations from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) since 2004. This rigorous evaluation looks at factors like privacy measures, systems availability, security infrastructure, and the management of sensitive information, ultimately proving that we hold our electronic health records platforms to high standards of data protection aligned with HIPAA regulations. After nearly 20 consecutive years of earning EHNAC certifications, we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

In 2023, we added SOC 2 Type II to our arsenal, this time for our cloud-based practice management software. Managed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, SOC 2 certification is a thorough, third-party investigation of more than 150 cybersecurity controls. And, as of this writing, we're the only optometric software in the market to have it.   

There are two types of SOC 2 certifications: Type I examines how effective security measures are at one point in time, while Type II is more robust, verifying that a software's security can stand up to threats over time. Eyefinity has earned both certifications and is committed to achieving the more rigorous SOC 2 Type II certification annually from here on out. This means that each year, all 150-plus security measures will be put to the test, to ensure we're doing all we can to keep your data as safe as possible.  

What These Certifications Mean for You 

Between our EHNAC and SOC 2 credentials, countless providers and patients can trust that proactive data protection is a top priority at Eyefinity. We take it seriously by changing with the territory as threats evolve, committing to programs that require regular audits, and pushing the boundaries of top-tier protection. 

It takes a village; both certifications are a company-wide endeavor, requiring an all-hands-on-deck approach when it comes to protecting you and your information in our optometric software. When you consider that 83% of organizations experienced at least one data breach in 2022, this level of proactive, diligent threat mitigation is more important than ever.  

While certifications can just look like badges on a website, they mean so much more. Beneath the labels, these accreditations mean that you as a provider, and the patients you serve, can trust that your information lies in the hands of a company that not only prioritizes data protection, but excels at it.  

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