Eyefinity’s Time-Saving Optometry Software: The Gift that Keeps on Giving


It’s that time of the year again. Halloween candy is in the bargain bin and jingle bells are ringing in the holiday season. For eye care practices, it’s a time of plenty, which can also mean plenty of stress. Patients are making last-minute appointments and trying to use their benefits before the ball drops in NYC. Too often, in this end-of-the-year hubbub, cash is often left on the table. But there are ways to help. Take charge of the upcoming holiday rush by streamlining year-end operations with effective strategies and best practices. 

Here are some end of year tips that will have your workflows running faster than eight reindeer:  

Easily and reliably offer your patients year-end deals.  

More than 75% of consumers are looking for deals this holiday season. So, give the people what they want! Establish discounts and promotions in your practice management software to give your patients the gift of savings. Want to give your practice an extra boost? Try a marketing push to get more folks in the door.

Identify areas where you can save time.  

Time is money. By saving time you can often fit an extra patient or two in your schedule per day to boost your bottom line. Manage the spike in patients this year by adding automation or eliminating extra steps in your workflow. One common area you can add some time-savings is in the exam room. Optimize exam protocols to efficiently manage exam times for reoccurring diagnoses.  

Double down on your most popular frames.   

With all the patients coming in to use their benefits, make sure you maximize your inventory's potential. Keeping the best sellers in stock will allow you to increase your capture rate/frame sales and ensure your patients get the look they want. 

Keep your team sharp all season long.  

Take advantage of business-building training to better utilize practice management tools, enhance the patient experience, and save time and money on staff development. If you’re a current Eyefinity user, make use of our free education resources like Role-Based Training and Training Webinars to keep office staff well-trained and better equipped to handle the uptick in demand. 

Double check your data security.  

Data security is never more important than during the holidays! This is a busy time of year and cybercriminals are known to take full advantage with reports estimating that phishing activity increases by more than 150% from October to November. Keep your practice protected and update any passwords, install the latest anti-virus software, and make sure all your tech is on the latest version.

If you’re interested in optimizing your practice for the busy season (or any season) we offer a solution that makes work easier. Our time-saving eye care practice management and electronic health records solutions will organize and automate your day-to-day tasks for a staff-friendly workflow. Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR will give your practice the greatest gift this holiday season—time to safely relax with a cup of cocoa as your cash register goes “ding”.  

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