Your Customers Expect a Modern Checkout Experience—This is How You Can Give it to Them

Simplify payments with Eyefinity Practice Management’s seamless Worldpay integration.


Did you know, according to a 2023 CNBC survey, roughly 51% of American consumers use contactless payment options? In-fact, a report from Juniper Research, forecasts the global value of contactless transactions to top $6 trillion by 2024—a 300% increase from the $2 trillion recorded in 2020. Technology is rapidly advancing and it’s important to ensure your practice doesn’t get left behind. That’s why we’ve integrated Eyefinity Practice Management’s modern cloud-based technology with Worldpay’s convenient payment platform to keep your practice on the cutting edge.

As partners, Eyefinity and Worldpay believe in improving the patient experience and saving staff time by making payments as easy as possible. We know independent practices face many obstacles in the modern marketplace including staff shortages, long hours, and changing customer expectations. The seamless integration between Eyefinity Practice Management and Worldpay is here to help you save time (and reduce clicks!).

The connection between your payment and practice management system is a vital workflow component that is often overlooked. If these two systems aren’t integrated staff are forced to go back and forth between taking payments and manually entering information. This means more work and greater potential for mistakes. However, by integrating these systems, you’ll ensure a seamless workflow that will increase efficiency, ensure accuracy, and save valuable time.

Our integration will improve your practice’s payment process from your front desk register to your backend accounting. Worldpay’s modern payment terminals expedite checkouts for patients and staff with convenient payment methods like chip, contactless tap-to-pay, and digital wallets [such as Apple Pay]. Plus, you can pre-authorize purchases to ensure patients have the required funds and/or split a purchase amongst multiple payment methods. This technology will ensure both your patients and staff enjoy 21st century functionality and convenience. However, we know taking your customers’ payments is only half of the battle.

It’s no secret—many practices are understaffed, and time is at a premium. According to a 2023 study from Weave, 76% of small healthcare practices had 25% of their staff leave in 2022, leaving remaining staff with heavy workloads. In this environment, our integration is a game-changer. Firstly, our technology helps save critical staff time by automatically posting payments to the patient ledger. Then, to ensure accuracy and minimize workloads, our integration eases end-of-day reconciliation and prevents duplicate entries. All our features combine to eliminate accounting headaches—reducing costly mistakes and increasing your practice’s profitability.

We know it’s a stressful time in the market. Integrating with an industry-leading payment solution is just one of the many ways Eyefinity’s cloud technology helps make life easier for your practice and staff so you can focus on providing a stellar patient experience. What you do every day brightens lives, and we’re proud to support you.

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