Leading Telehealth Software Integrations

Practice your way with innovative telehealth software that centralizes patient data, so you can securely perform virtual eye exams anywhere, anytime.

Future-Focused Care

Exceptional eye care isn’t limited to just in-office interactions—and neither is the future success of your practice. With the ability to conduct a doctor remote comprehensive eye exam, you can extend practice reach and increase revenue streams without compromising the quality of patient care. 

Whether you are performing the exam or leveraging an outside doctor for extra support, you can rely on a seamless and secure transfer of patient information between your Eyefinity solution and our telehealth partners’ tools. 

Freedom and Flexibility

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to practice remotely while continuing to play a central role in your patients’ eye health.  

Here’s how it works. Leveraging our telehealth vendors’ solutions, patients visit the office in-person for their comprehensive eye exam, guided by a technician. You (the doctor or an external provider) then join via video chat from anywhere—home, another practice, or an alternative location. Use an iPad or desktop – your choice! 

The final visit notes, prescriptions, and ICD-codes are then documented in the telehealth software and automatically saved into Eyefinity EHR.


Expanded Business Hours

Maximize growth opportunities by offering patients appointment times that are convenient for them, whether that be after-hours or on the weekend.

Convenience When it Matters Most

Give patients the ability to choose which care options are right for them, while supporting accessibility of eye care, especially for at-risk patient populations.

Consistent Documentation

Capture test results from an outside doctor including the patient's manifest refraction, IOP's, cup-to-disc ratio, and their visual acuities for future reference.

Your Favorite Time Management Tool

Manage your day with ease so you can strategically focus your time and always prioritize patient care.

Explore our Certified Partner Telehealth Integrations

We’ve integrated with industry-leading vendors ZEISS, Topcon, and DigitalOptometrics to make it easier for you to leverage the best telehealth software solutions.



ZEISS VISU360 is a secure web-based platform that enables practices to deliver comprehensive remote eye care services — from advanced diagnostic imaging and consultation, to refraction and comprehensive exams...

Digital Optometrics Eyecare Technology Embraced


DigitalOptometrics is a New York-based optometric telemedicine company focused on performing comprehensive remote eye examinations. Their Tele-Optometry platform integrates with all modern optometry...

Topcon Healthcare

Topcon Healthcare

Topcon Healthcare is a leading developer and supplier of diagnostic equipment for the ophthalmic community. Topcon offers the latest integrated solutions including advanced multimodal imaging...

"While this technology isn’t a fit for every practice, it has benefited ours tremendously. Not only does it give us access to more patients so we can grow the practice, but it helps us build patient loyalty."

Rasa Tamulavichus, OD