For This Optometrist, Eyefinity’s Cloud-based Software Made All the Difference


How long is it supposed to take to feel comfortable using optometric practice technology? That was the question Dr. Magdalena Saint-Louis was grappling with since opening her practice in 2018. Dr. Saint-Louis has been an optometrist for over 10 years in South Florida. However, when she opened her own private practice, Real Vision Center, she did not anticipate an 18-month long learning curve with software she thought at the time was the “right” fit for her practice.

In June 2020, Dr. Saint-Louis decided it was time to make a change and began the transition from her original cloud system to Eyefinity’s cloud-based software. Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR are designed to help optometrists grow their business, save time, and increase revenue, which Dr. Saint-Louis has experienced firsthand.

Dr. Saint-Louis said, “I wish I’d know about Eyefinity’s cloud-based software earlier because I would’ve opened my practice with it from the beginning!”

Making the Switch to a Cloud-based Solution

After using her former optometric software for over a year and a half, Dr. Saint-Louis was finally beginning to feel comfortable with the efficiency in which she was completing her tasks. But after losing her practice optician, she found herself wearing multiple hats as she took on additional practice responsibilities on top of her duties as an OD. She shared, “I was having to stay one to four hours after work every day just to complete all the orders and get everything documented in the system.”

“From scheduling appointments to ordering glasses, every step was a pain!” said Dr. Saint-Louis. She quickly realized just how time-consuming many of the tasks were in her old system. She felt her software had too many buttons, too many pages, and was too complicated.

Dr. Saint-Louis believes that due to lack of proper training and the complexity of the system, her original software wasn’t the best fit for her practice. However, she didn’t have hours to spend researching other options and was concerned that she would be losing money if she moved to a different platform. She reached out to her IT tech to ask if they could help her find another optometric software solution that would help her get orders in faster, be more user friendly, and make her life a little easier. Taking her tech’s recommendation, she decided to explore Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR.

Advantages of User-Friendly Optometric Software

“When the Eyefinity Account Executive started going over all of the software features, I knew right away that it was going to be a game-changer for my practice,” Dr. Saint Louis explained. “I couldn’t wait to get started!”

After two months of onboarding, Real Vision Center successfully went live with Eyefinity EHR and Eyefinity Practice Management. Dr. Saint-Louis credits the successful implementation to the hands-on training she received, the support of the Eyefinity team, and the resources her practice had at their fingertips with robust in-product Help Centers. “I had a lot of questions in the beginning, but I only had to call tech support once. If I didn’t know something, I went to the Help Center and read through the topics and watched the videos. That resource has been really helpful for my practice,” she said.

“The Eyefinity team is great. From the beginning, everyone was very supportive and patient. Eyefinity really cares about their clients and it shows. Our Implementation Consultant was awesome and very professional,” gushed Dr. Saint-Louis.

In a short amount of time, Dr. Saint-Louis felt she’d mastered the software and with it, life had changed, for the better. She’s no longer working long hours and was able to double the number of patients she saw per hour. “I’m becoming more paperless which helps save time and money. Since switching to Eyefinity’s cloud-based software, my workload has been cut by 50%! I finally have the time I need to focus on marketing and digging into my business reports, which I could never do before,” she said. Dr. Saint-Louis especially enjoys using the protocols feature in Eyefinity EHR as it allows her to complete a patient chart within two or three minutes—all while multitasking! The smooth workflows and swift exam charting make it easier to see more patients and increase revenue to promote healthy growth in her practice.

Since the transition, Dr. Saint-Louis has noticed a positive change in her staff, too. “My staff is so much happier. We’ve all learned the software so rapidly and it’s been a lot easier for us to use. Because of the time that Eyefinity saves us, our receptionist and technician can now focus on other tasks that are critical to growing our business,” she said. “Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR are so intuitive. Anyone can use it–even my grandmother could use it! I’m just so glad I chose this software.”