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Eyefinity Practice Management

The eye care industry’s leading cloud-based practice management software.

Streamline the Eye Care Experience

Retaining high-performing, resilient staff is key to sustaining a successful practice. When your team is busy pulling authorizations, inputting lab orders, making phone calls, and confirming appointments, it can be challenging to give patients the undivided attention they deserve—but it doesn't have to be this way.    

A Solution Your Staff Will Love

With Eyefinity Practice Management, you can give your team a time-saving, optometry practice management solution that organizes and automates their day-to-day tasks for a more streamlined, staff-friendly workflow. 

See What It's All About

Learn how Eyefinity Practice Management elevates your optometry practice's workflow with automated features like online appointment scheduling, insurance eligibility and authorizations, optical orders, and billing.

Our Success Is Your Success

Join the growing number of practices that are bringing their vision to life with optometry practice management software that is designed to help you reach your goals.


Est. 2014

Leveraging the latest technology and key integrations, Eyefinity Practice Management is built to support your practice.


Over 3.6M Claims

Utilizing our exclusive VSP Integration, practices nationwide have been able to cut down on per-patient tasks and file claims faster.


1,500+ Locations

Join more than a thousand practices using Eyefinity Practice Management and get access to critical time-saving tools.

Customer Success Stories

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"With one-click tasks, I can spend more time speaking with my patients instead of filling out charts or forms."

Veronica Barber, OD


"I love all the bells and whistles of the Eyefinity systems and how smooth and seamless they are to use."

Shane Fontenot, OD


"I wish I'd known about Eyefinity's cloud-based software earlier because I would've opened my practice with it from the beginning!"

Magdalena Saint-Louis, OD

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What You Can Expect

Get familiar with the Eyefinity onboarding approach.

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Discovery & Design

In the first two weeks, we'll get you set up for success and excited about the path ahead.

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Learn & Build

During the next eight weeks, you'll do the bulk of your training, leading up to go-live.

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Launch & Optimize

In the last five weeks, you'll complete training, go-live, and transition smoothly to your new system.

Thinking of making the switch?

Run the numbers in our Return on Investment calculator and see how you can unlock profitability by switching to Eyefinity’s cloud-based software.

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Supercharge Your Schedule

Streamline the eye care experience with Eyefinity’s integrated online scheduler that allows patients to book their appointments 24/7. Those appointments automatically sync to your schedule in Eyefinity Practice Management, giving you the ability to organically grow your practice without extending operating hours or increasing staff resources. You can customize settings to create blackout dates and ensure you have current patient details for the visit.

Add Electronic Patient Notifications to your account to enable appointment, order pickup, and recall reminders via automated text and voice messages—a big time-saver for staff and a crowd-pleaser for patients! 

See VSP More Clearly

Our VSP insurance integration saves you countless hours and headaches with real-time eligibilities and authorizations that you can pull in bulk up to seven days before a patient’s appointment. You no longer have to go to eyefinity.com to manually key in VSP claims and orders; Eyefinity Practice Management will submit them for you automatically.

Plus, our VSP out-of-pocket calculator makes it easy to turn potential into profit by showing patients what their insurance covers and what they will owe out of pocket, eliminating surprises at checkout. 

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Stake Your Claim (to a Better Claims Process)

Explore an easier way to workflow by streamlining the billing process with electronic remittance advice (ERA) that automatically pulls remittance into Eyefinity Practice Management, courtesy of our partnership with VSP Vision and TriZetto Provider Solutions. Electronic claims submissions mean you get paid faster than ever before —with all insurance providers, not just VSP.

Enjoy the added benefits of less paperwork and fewer patient accounts receivable. Our Claims Management capabilities allow you to quickly process and bill claims to insurance carriers and patients and track those claims using a variety of reports.  

Exclusive Savings for Premier Edge™ Practices

There's never been a better time to get onboard with Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR.

System Requirements

You can view all of the Eyefinity Practice Management System Requirements here.

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Your Complete, All-in-one Solution

Eyefinity Practice Management pairs perfectly with Eyefinity EHR to give you a complete all-in-one solution that makes patient retention easier.