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Make Multilocation Management a Breeze

Enjoy seamless, real-time integration across offices.

Keep Pace Across Offices

Like an orchestra, your multilocation optometry practice is made up of moving parts, each contributing individually to a whole. While having a broad – and possibly expanding – network of offices helps you reach your financial goals, how do you ensure each player is in tune and on beat?

Centralize Your Operations

Whether it’s keeping track of providers’ schedules, sending visit reminders to patients, or seeing what frames are in stock in the office across town, our cloud-based solutions can centralize your day-to-day business operations and make them easier than ever. Your staff can place orders and tackle billing across locations, while you view scheduled appointments from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, it’s easy to maintain; when your software needs updating, we've got you covered – no costly IT consultations needed!

Minimize Time, Maximize Profits

Time is money, so when you let patients make appointments online ahead of time, you’re not only improving the patient experience – you're improving profitability. Electronic patient notifications replace the postcard or phone chat with a convenient text message. Online forms make data collection a cinch, and you can leverage telehealth capabilities when your practice needs to be more flexible.

You’ve made a significant investment in orchestrating your multilocation optometry practice. Through efficiency, automation, and optimization, our solutions can help you build on the success you’ve already achieved, bringing all your locations into even more harmony.

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