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DigitalOptometrics has developed new optical software which permits patients at an Optometry Practice location to receive a comprehensive eye health and visual correction examination by a DigitalOptometrics or on-staff licensed Optometrist from a remote location.

DigitalOptometrics Tele-Optometry solution provides patients with expanded access to eye care and builds more flexibility into the day-to-day activities of on-site Optometrists. Key advantages of implementing the DigitalOptometrics solution are:

  • It replicates a complete eye exam performed by an on-site, in-person Optometrist.
  • Comprehensive eye exam completed in 30 minutes or less.
  • Remote locations are never without coverage of a licensed Optometrist for optical exams.
  • Patients seeking optical exams are no longer turned away during high peak days and times – no appointment necessary.
  • Staff Optometrists can schedule days off, vacations and other personal quality of life events with exams being remotely performed in their absence by DigitalOptometrics licensed Optometrists.
  • Employed Optometrists can perform optical exams at multiple optical locations from one remote location or their home office.
  • Substitutes a fixed daily cost of an Optometrist for a variable per exam cost.
  • Enables social distancing during the eye exam for both patient and Optometrist.

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