Frequently Asked Questions

Onboarding and Training

  • What will I be learning while onboarding?

    Your dedicated Eyefinity Implementation Consultant will provide you with a customized Education Plan for your practice. This plan will have training tracks for each member of your staff, covering all the essential functions for day-to-day business.

  • How will the training be completed?

    We offer a blended-learning experience through The Eyefinity Learning Center, with on-demand videos and live sessions with an Eyefinity Solution Educator. Our virtual training empowers you and your staff to be successful when you go live.

  • How long does onboarding take?

    We have found that, on average, it takes approximately 90 days to onboard. The process includes the following phases:

    1. Discovery and Design
    2. Training
    3. Data Conversion
    4. Transition to Live
    5. Transition to Your Eyefinity Support Team
  • Will I have one point of contact through the process?

    Yes, your Implementation Consultant will be your point of contact throughout your training and onboarding journey.

  • Can I onboard faster?

    Your Eyefinity Implementation Consultant works with you to make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure the goals you established during project kickoff are achieved. Your onboarding speed is dependent on the amount of time your practice staff can dedicate to completing training and preparation.

  • How much time do I have to dedicate to training?

    We recommend 2 – 4 hours of training and exercises weekly by each staff member.

  • How much assistance do I get?

    You’ll have a Project Manager and Implementation Consultant to guide you through every step of the onboarding process, including:

    • Complete product configuration and integration
    • Weekly consult with your practice on adoption of best practices and business process changes
    • Online blended-learning through Eyefinity Learning Center with both on-demand and live hands-on training sessions
    • Data conversion from your previous software to the Eyefinity software (prior to go-live)
    • Ongoing support upon transition to Eyefinity software with an introduction to your Eyefinity Support Team
  • Will you be able to convert my data to the new system?

    Yes, compatible data will be converted at the time of your go-live to your new software. The data that is converted will depend on the compatibility of the software we’re transferring it over from. Not all data may come across, but Eyefinity will assess on a case-by-case basis.

  • What are my options for training after I complete onboarding?

    Eyefinity provides on-demand tutorials, private training, webinars, and conferences such as the Lodge, (which is offered twice a year) to assist you with learning about our products.

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