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Our Promise

Providing innovative patient experiences, inspired by
Eye Care Professionals.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

As a team of dedicated engineers, product developers, educators, and career-long eye care professionals, we're committed to advancing the practice of eye care through innovative technology. Our solutions are designed to support the needs of practices, like yours, so that you can stay on top of constantly evolving regulations, security enhancements, and—of course—patient expectations.  

Backed by the strength and stability of VSP® we're in the business of making the complex, simple. With robust features and leading integrations, we're the most widely used future forward practice management and electronic health records solutions provider in the industry. We value innovation and aim to stay responsive to the needs of our industry. Whether that be by rolling out telehealth capabilities or staying on top of regulatory changes, so that you don’t have to, we are proud to support practices like yours.  

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Proven Performance

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve helped practices of all sizes achieve their goals through the widest selection of integrated products and services.

  • #1 practice management software company for 10 years in a row

  • #1 EHR for successful federal stimulus payments

  • Desktop and cloud-based solutions for single and multilocation practices

  • Robust website hosting with a customizable eCommerce platform

  • Powerful online transactional services for quick, easy, and secure claim filing, frame and lens purchases, and lab orders

  • Professional, award-winning training and support team

Independent Optometry:
7,000+ Locations

More U.S. practices use an Eyefinity solution than any other software platform.

Multilocation Retail:
32 Accounts

AcuityLogic is the platform of choice for major retail accounts with a combined total of 1,437 locations nationally.

43,000+ Unique Accounts

An average of 2.6 million users visit Eyefinity.com each month to get authorizations, file claims and place orders.

Global Presence:
Over 5,600+ Practices

Eyefinity also serves customers internationally with operations in both France and Australia.

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