Exam Protocols in Eyefinity EHR

Create Your Own Eye Exam Templates

Simplify repeat tasks and save time with protocols in Eyefinity EHR.

Exam Documentation, Your Way

Do you ever feel like a broken record when entering information and comments for common exam types? Repetitive work can be tiring and often spills into after-hours, but there is a better way to capture eye exam details. Save time and simplify the documentation process by utilizing eye exam protocols in Eyefinity EHR.

A protocol is a predefined template that you can apply to any ocular exam. Protocols allow you simplify repeat tasks by creating optical exam templates that contain pre-loaded fields and/or comments before seeing a patient with a condition you treat often (think: myopia, blepharitis).

Custom Care at Scale

Eyefinity EHR takes the lead from you, allowing you to create as many eye exam protocols as you want and customize each one to reflect your unique approach to caring for patients.

You can even share protocols with other doctors in your practice. Not only does this improve the quality and consistency of documentation across your practice, but it also allows you to tailor the experience you create with your patients. Plus, it’s a great way to help train less experienced doctors as they follow in your footsteps.

Eyefinity is committed to investing in your success now and in the future, and protocols are just one way we’re following through on that commitment.


Configure in Advance

Reduce the time you spend clicking or tapping during an exam by configuring your most frequently utilized exams ahead of time and saving them as templates.

Create a Custom Library

Design and save eye exam templates for different exam types so you’re ready to offer the best patient experience without the hassle of clunky or unnecessary data entry.

Capture Each Doctor’s Preferences

Each doctor in your practice can save his or her preferred procedures in custom templates to produce concise and consistent documentation from exam to exam.

Buy Yourself Time

Make after-hours documentation a thing of the past. Protocols do the heavy lifting in Eyefinity EHR, allowing you to quickly capture essential exam information without compromising the quality of the visit.

"Protocols enable me to document and finalize virtually every patient’s chart as they are walking out of the exam room. It makes the exam incredibly efficient."

Gerald Geist, OD

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