Complying with the Contact Lens Rule

Choices for patients, convenience for providers.

It’s good to have options, whether it’s shopping for groceries, vehicles, eyewear, or anything else. That's why the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) created the Contact Lens Rule: to expand patients’ choices for their contact lenses. With our solutions, it’s easier than ever to stay compliant and improve patients’ experience when they shop for eyewear.

What is the Contact Lens Rule?
The FTC’s Contact Lens Rule mandates that eye care providers who prescribe contact lenses must give patients a copy of their prescription at the end of each fitting—even if patients don’t ask for it.

In addition, there are rules about record-keeping, asking for extra fees in exchange for prescriptions, and timeliness in responding to contact lens carrier requests for prescriptions. The FTC means business with the Contact Lens Rule; at the time of this writing, violations of the rule may result in legal penalties of up to $42,350 per infraction.

Let Us Help You Stay Compliant
Fortunately, our cloud-based software makes complying with the Federal Trade Commission Contact Lens Rule easy, since it allows you to easily print prescriptions and acknowledgement forms. Additionally, in Eyefinity EHR, signatures and prescriptions can be exchanged digitally within the patient portal, saving you even more time throughout your day. When providers can easily and efficiently give patients options, everyone wins!

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Looking for a Solution that Makes Compliance Easy?

Eyefinity EHR: Cloud-based electronic health records software that adapts to the way you practice.