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Topcon’s new RDx ocular telehealth software platform is an innovative eye health exam solution that allows practitioners to connect to their office from home or other remote location and conduct comprehensive eye exams in real-time.

  • RDx connects to Topcon's CV-5000S digital phoropter, allowing practitioners to perform fully remote refractions.
  • RDx also integrates with Topcon’s Harmony data management solution, which connects hundreds of ophthalmic devices, regardless of device manufacturer, to enable analysis of all relevant data on a single screen.
  • Eye care professionals can have meaningful interactions with staff and patients through integrated remote video conferencing.
  • RDx allows ECPs to be present at more than one location and offer extended or more flexible office hours. It also reduces the time per examination, thereby enabling practitioners to see more patients.
  • Patients benefit from RDx because it allows them to have their eye exam done at a time and place convenient for them while maintaining a safe social distance and reducing or eliminating time in the waiting room.

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