It's No Secret: See Why Opticians Are Seeking Modern Optometry Software


For the modern optician, achieving practice goals involves a lot of hard work and more often a tech-savvy approach. But with a rise in flexible patient-care expectations and regulatory changes, older optometry EMR systems can’t keep up. When you and your opticians adopt today’s technology into your workflow, you bring accessible inventory management, easy material orders, and high-value patient care to life. That's why more providers are turning toward modern EHR and practice management solutions.  If your optician has been whispering about new tech, then it might be time to consider doing the same.  Not sure what to look for? Here are a few hints opticians are ready to make the move to modern optometry software.  

Hint #1: They’re all in on automation 

Save the handwritten reminders for your grocery shopping. Automating the routine, in-office tasks that consume your opticians’ time, like inventory tracking, managing prescriptions or insurance processing can lead to spending a few extra minutes helping patients carefully select their eyewear. Small gestures like that go a long way in solidifying the patient-provider relationship and boosting patient retention which increases your practice revenue—who doesn’t want that?  Additionally, with electronic patient notifications, opticians don’t have to track down your patients once their order is ready, it’s all done for them freeing your team to engage patients with eyewear-ready notifications with one click.   

Hint #2: Accessibility is their middle name  

An optician’s role depends on their ability to access the right information, and that can make or break a patient’s appointment. Practices that use cloud-based, optometry software can give staff safe and secure access to patient prescriptions and ocular measurements, ensuring they’re making the most informed decisions regarding a patient’s care. That way, when it’s time for patients to select their next pair of frames in the office, your optician can deliver a worry-free fitting every time.  

Hint #3: They hate being tied down to a desk  

Not to mention, face time is kind of a big deal in eye care. If you don’t already use tablets in your dispensary, this could be a game changer for those opticians that prefer a more hands-on fitting approach. A tablet-friendly workspace gives opticians the opportunity to educate, engage, and establish rapport with your patients as they select their next frames. Also, it opens the floor for patients to ask any questions they may have throughout their eye care journey. This level of attention increases transparency with your patients and helps build a strong and trusting doctor-patient relationship.   

Hint #4: They crave integration 

When working to meet company growth goals, opticians are beginning to see more patients in a day than ever before. During these times, there’s nothing they want more than efficiency. In order to keep up with increased patient volume, practice management software that includes key integrations, like order management, works to soothe those daily demands. Opticians that place optical orders electronically minimize the risk of duplicate entry by allowing the software to communicate with the lab of their choice so your optician can move on to the next patient with ease. 

Hint #5: They love to learn  

Is your team constantly researching new ways to improve the patient-care experience? Providing staff with the training and support they need to master new equipment benefits the entirety of your practice. From educating patients to managing insurance, opticians that receive continuous learning opportunities are encouraged to challenge themselves throughout their career. This dedication is the step-up opticians often seek to ensure an efficient workflow with a team committed to delivering the best patient care available.     


Do these hints remind you of anyone? Opticians everywhere can benefit from embracing modern “tools of the trade”. Plus, with the right optometry practice management technology, you’ll be better equipped to meet the challenges of today’s ever-growing, ever-changing industry, while creating a unique and high-quality, patient-centered experience they won’t get anywhere else.   


Now that you know what features opticians are looking for, see what else they can do with it. Check out The Ultimate Bucket List for Opticians! Take your practice to the next level with this specially curated list dedicated to helping opticians, new or seasoned, elevate your practice and hit your goals.  


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