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Elevate Your Education Experience

Embark on your software education journey with Eyefinity by your side every step of the way. Attend one or all of these exciting education destinations while you learn from doctors and practice staff who use Eyefinity to run their practices every day. 

Share peer-to-peer feedback, get insider tips on workflow efficiencies, and explore time-saving features you've not used before.

Meet Eyefinity's Education Director Rebecca Johnson, who hosts our conferences and also teaches the ExamWriter® class. 

Whether you're new to our software or a super-user, our lineup has something for everyone! See all the education events listed below for more information.

See what's in store for you at an Eyefinity Education Conference: 


EXPLORE | 2019 Education Conferences

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One-day deep-dive training where you can master the more advanced features of your software.

June 8, 2019 | Columbus, OH

Focused topics include billing, payments, VSP interface, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), and reporting in Eyefinity Practice Management.

Software: Eyefinity Practice Management 
Price: $249 - Register before 5/3 for $199 early bird pricing

September 7, 2019 | Eyefinity HQ, Rancho Cordova, CA

Focused topics include discussing best practices for office workflows using the Eyefinity Cloud Platform and Patient Engagement tools.   

Software: Eyefinity EHR, Eyefinity Practice Management 
Price: $249 - Register before 8/2 for $199 early bird pricing

*Practice must be live at least 90 days with Eyefinity software to attend Peak Education Conference.


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Two-day advanced user training* where you can get insider tips while building lasting friendships with peers and the people behind the products you are using.  You can attend one or all four throughout the year.

Software: OfficeMate, Eyefinity EHR, Eyefinity Practice Management, ExamWRITER

April 26-27, 2019 | San Diego, CA

San Diego is known for its endless beaches and great surf. Hang loose in America's Finest City and make waves in enhancing your product knowledge and improving patient care.  

Price: $349  - Register before 4/5 for $299 early bird pricing

July 26-27, 2019 | Denver, CO

Denver is known as the Mile High City. Raise your practice to new heights with tips and tricks to make your Eyefinity® software do all the heavy lifting. 
Price: $349  - Register before 4/23 for $299 early bird pricing

October 25-26, 2019 | Nashville, TN

Nashville is known for producing some of country music’s biggest stars. Be your own superstar after learning some tips and tricks from industry leaders at this Education Conference in The Music City.  

Price: $349  - Register before 9/20 for $299 early bird pricing

*Practice must be live at least 30 days with Eyefinity software to attend Education Conference.


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One-day beginner level training where you can learn the basics of your software.
Software: Eyefinity EHR, Eyefinity Practice Management, OfficeMate

June 29, 2019  | Boston, MA

Price: $249  - Register before 5/24 for $199 early bird pricing

August 24, 2019  | Minneapolis, MN

Price: $249  - Register before 7/22 for $199 early bird pricing

October  5, 2019  | Denver, CO

Price: $249  - Register before 9/2 for $199 early bird pricing